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The Big Cookie:

Jessyka Coulter

Jessyka Coulter is the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. Her company offers study and executive function tutoring and coaching through her 12 week program, Love to Learn, because she knows schools offer a one-size fits all curriculum that doesn't meet every student's personal learning needs. When teens don't know how to learn, and they're not given the personalized instruction they need, school, let alone learning, is not fun. Because of this, Jessyka created her program Love to Learn to help teens love learning again. When students know how to learn, they love to learn. Jessyka teaches teens how to learn anything, anywhere, in or out of the classroom.

While knowing how to learn is the most important skill Jessyka teaches teens, she also offers private tutoring for content related needs including: ACT prep (all sections), proofreading high school and college papers, essay writing, and middle school core subjects including math (prealgebra and algebra).

Jessyka has worked with students for several years helping them improve their study skills, write A-level papers, earn high composite scores on the ACT, succeed in math classes, and pass courses when they hadn’t done so previously. Students write meaningful thesis statements which in turn lead to high quality papers with Jessyka’s help. A mediocre ACT composite score has been increased by three points with Jessyka’s guidance after only one study session, and another student's Reading score doubled in the same amount of time. Students who had never before earned an A in classes learned the skills needed to understand the material and pass quizzes/tests.

Jessyka has tutored students in-person (face to face) and online independently and through various institutions. She is a 5-star rated tutor on Google and Facebook and has a 4.8/5 star rating on a popular online tutoring platform.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Business and currently holds a substitute teaching license in Kansas. Jessyka enjoys taking photos, traveling, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.

Listen to her podcast interview on the Main Street Math Tutor Podcast here:

Read Jessyka's blog on CollegiateParent:

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