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Bite into Learning; Become a Smart Cookie!

It can be hard to ask for help with homework, papers, and tests.

The ACT is looming ahead of you. Science class has a giant project due in two weeks, and in English, that paper isn’t going to write itself. Maybe organization is the issue, or maybe learning some test taking strategies would help. And just maybe, with some editing help, that paper wouldn’t be as hard as you thought. Ace Cookie Tutoring can help you and every student with any of these classwork problems and more.

Working with Ace Cookie Tutoring helps a student become a more effective learner. Study skills are practiced at every lesson. Persistence is encouraged. An Ace Cookie tutor will help you learn believing in your ability to learn every step of the way by providing one-on-one tutoring, and when the lesson ends, a sweet treat, a freshly baked cookie to remind you that learning has rewards.

Bite into learning; become a smart cookie! 


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We tutor the entire test: English, Math, Reading, and Science Sections.


The first quarter is ending this month! To celebrate October, get you the help on the ACT you need, and to save that failing grade, we are offering Buy 2 Lessons, Get 1 Free.***

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About Us

Tutoring friends, peers, and family members has been Jessyka Coulter's, CEO and founder, passion since high school. She has more than three years of professional independent tutoring experience in the Gardner, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Kansas City, Mill Valley, and surrounding school districts both online and in-person.

Jessyka has a 4.8/5 star rating on a popular internet tutoring website. She has tutored over 100 hours with them.

All employees of Ace Cookie Tutoring have spent a minimum of two years in a classroom, either as a teacher or paraprofessional. Middle schoolers through graduate students have benefited from our help. ACT scores have increased, and test, homework, and essay scores for general education classes have risen with our instruction.

Having worked in both middle and high schools has given us invaluable insights into what makes learning rewarding and enjoyable for all students.

We look forward to helping you bite into learning and become a smart cookie! 


John D.     ~    August 2019

Jessyka has spent the last few months tutoring my autistic son in math. He is showing steady progress and has been successful in the course, which speaks to Jessyka’s ability as a tutor. She is caring, heavily invested in my son’s learning, dedicated, punctual, flexible, and professional. Jessyka’s belief that everyone can learn, regardless of their challenges is very evident when she is with my son. My son likes her very much. His confidence in his academic ability has soared under Jessyka’s steady hand.


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