Ace Cookie Tutoring offers personalized tutoring for 3rd graders through graduate students that helps improve grades, increases confidence, and leads to academic success. 

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We specialize in the ACT (Reading & English), Proofreading, & Middle School Math

ACT Prep + PSAT PREP + Test Taking Strategies + General Education

Have you ever been told you should be doing better in school? Maybe you’ve even tried afterschool tutoring or asked an older sibling for help. Nothing helped, and it’s starting to bug you.


Nobody wants to be thought of as the "dumb one."

Ace Cookie Tutoring offers personalized tutoring. Our focus is you. Our goal is to fit your needs. If your immediate need is Friday’s test, we will help you understand the material better so you can pass the test. 


Then, we’ll try and help you do even better before the next test. Maybe you’ve missed some classes and just need to review the material. We will help you learn the skills to succeed.


Every student is different. Ace Cookie Tutoring works 1-on-1 and in small groups. New skills, old skills, or review, we want you to be successful.


Sometimes, all it takes is a tutor who believes you can learn.


Do we love A’s? Sure, Ace is in our name, but if an F becomes a C, that’s an awesome place to start. It’s good progress.


We celebrate success with cookies, elbow bumps, and smiles.


Contact us today so we can make education the great experience it should be.

Computers + Study sKills + Essay Writing + Proofreading

+ Professional Writing Services +   

General Education Subjects We Tutor

Professional Writing Services


ACT English, Essay Writing, Researching, Grammar, and more!


ACT Reading, Fluency, Comprehension, Context Clues, Vocab, and more!


ACT Math, elementary & middle school, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and more!

Study Skills

Note Taking, Study Schedule, Agenda Usage, Goals, and more! 


ACT Science, Biology, Physical Science, Environmental, and more!


Important Events, Causes and Effects, Retain Information,  and more!

Test Taking Strategies

Answer choice elimination, selective reading, and more!

Brainstorming, Source Formatting, Outlining, and More!

Read what our students have to say:

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With (Jessyka's) help, my son increased his science test grade from a 32% to a 94%.
Jessyka is very tech savvy for my third on his reading fluency.
... daughter with her Honors English classes. They have done very well together.
Jessyka has helped (my daughter) learn what to focus on for success in (math).
Jessyka helped me with English Comp... I would recommend her for anyone.
I received a 97 on the final paper...couldn't have done it without (Jessyka)
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