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From fourth graders to adults, Ace Cookie Tutoring will help you become a more effective learner. You will be better prepared for all of your classes and professional writing needs. At the end of each in-person lesson, enjoy a freshly baked cookie. What's the fun of homework without a sweet treat?

Increase your ACT performance in every section. We have the content knowledge, time management, and study skills you need to get the score you want. Ask us how to increase your score today!

Write an A-grade paper, not a C-paper. Does your thesis statement stand up to par? Is your conclusion as strong as it could be? We at Ace Cookie Tutoring know how to write A-level thesis statements, and we have yet to write a poor conclusion. Contact us today to help you write the paper of your teacher's dreams! 

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We at Ace Cookie Tutoring know we can help you become a smart cookie!

During your first online lesson, we'll discuss you and your student's goals for about 5-10 minutes! 


Ace Cookie Tutoring can't wait to help you achieve your goals and more!


Let one of Ace Cookie Tutoring's expert tutors help you become a smart cookie online via Skype or Zoom.

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After one or more lessons with Ace Cookie Tutoring, you're ready to ace your ACTs, general education classes, and professional writing needs!


Enjoy: increased test scores, better classroom grades, and A-worthy research papers.

General Education Subjects We Tutor

Professional Writing Services


Essay Writing, Researching, Grammar, and more!


Comprehension, Context Clues, Vocab, and more!


ACT Math, Algebra, Geometry, and more!

Study Skills

Note Taking, Agenda Usage, Goals, and more! 


ACT Science, Biology, Physical Science, and more!


Retain Information, Critical Thinking, and more!

Test Taking Strategies

Answer choice elimination, selective reading, and more!

Brainstorming, Source Formatting, Outlining, and More!



My son liked working with you and felt like it was helpful.

Jessyka is a wonderful tutor. My daughter is in advanced math courses in HS and, although doing fine on the HW, was struggling with the tests. Jessyka has helped her learn what to focus on for success in the class. She was also able to adapt to the new online learning environment, and my daughter has been able to continue her tutoring online!

LISA B ~ MAY 2020

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We help students working on one-page math assignments,  writing 30 page research papers, and studying for the ACT.


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