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Does your teen…


Lack motivation? 

Easily lose focus?

Get distracted by social media, video games, and/or electronic devices?



Would you like your teen to...

Complete homework without a fight? (or you nagging?)

Ask for help when confused? (instead of claiming boredom?)

Take ownership of his learning? (versus depending on you for reminders?)

Study without prodding from you? (and actually enjoy it?)

Love to learn? (It really is possible!)


Why Choose Ace Cookie Tutoring & Study with Jessy?

We teach tweens, teens, young adults, and college students how to learn so they can love to learn.

Our signature Love to Learn study skills program teaches teens how to personalize their own learning through study skills so they can learn anything, anywhere - in or out of the classroom FOR LIFE.

We offer personalized one-on-one tutoring for middle school, high school, and college students that improves grades, increases confidence, and leads to academic success.

Once your teen knows how to learn, she'll enjoy school - it really is possible! Find out how when you schedule a free consultation here.

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