• The truth is that success in school is not so much determined by sheer intelligence as knowing how to study.                                                                                          
                      -Mayland Community College

  • Many if not most of our students can benefit from some guidance on how to study.
                      -Univ of Wisconsin La Crosse

  • Reviewing and developing your study skills will not only boost your confidence and help you succeed but will also enable you to work more effectively in the time available to you for study.
                       -University of Oxford

Do you have the study skills you need to be successful?
It’s not too late!

You may be smart, even very smart, but that doesn’t mean you know how to study. Many students encounter academic frustration as they progress through high school and college not because they’re not intelligent, but rather because they never learned to study.
You can learn to study. If you learn to study effectively, I believe you can learn and become anything you want to be. My Study Like a Valedictorian course will teach you the skills you need.

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what will you learn?

  • Save time studying and choose the best instructor for you by knowing your Learning Style.

  • Take effective Notes that work for you.

  • Annotate efficiently and consistently to make finding information quick and easy.

  • Set Goals to motivate yourself and bring yourself closer to your dreams.

  • Everyone needs an occasional Reward. Use them to motivate.

  • Improve your Soft Skills. Employers want you to have them.

  • Good Memory skills will serve you well forever.

  • Don’t have Time to waste? Then don’t.

  • Stop looking for that scrap piece of paper. Get Organized.


In 9 videos, study skills are shown, explained, and tested.

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These skills will make it easier to be successful in any learning situation.

Use them to improve your job performance. Become smarter than your boss. Don’t tell him; just ask for a raise.

Get the Study Skills you need to make your dreams attainable.

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