Tutoring: PSAT Secrets

It's October 2020 which means it's testing season. There are four ACT test dates this October, and October is the primary testing month for the PSAT for 10th and 11th grade students and the PSAT 10 for 10th graders.

Wondering what the PSAT is and why it matters? Well, first it's important to know the PSAT, pre-SAT, and NMSQT are all the same test. The PSAT10 is very similar, but only 10th graders take it, and it doesn't qualify students for National Merit Scholarships. Check with your child's counselor to determine which test is being administered at your child's school.

Your student's score on the PSAT determines his/her eligibility to go to college for very cheap (save up to 80% on tuition) or possibly even free via a National Merit Scholarship which is life changing and can open doors which might otherwise stay closed due to financial constraints. It is very easy to find a list of schools offering National Merit Scholarships - just do a quick Google search or check with your child's first choice school. The student guide to the program is available here: https://www.nationalmerit.org/s/1758/images/gid2/editor_documents/student_guide.pdf?gid=2&pgid=61

So, now that you know how important the PSAT is, the next question is: what are the PSAT test dates? When and where will your child take the PSAT? The primary test date is October 14, and the PSAT will be taken at school. Because of COVID-19, additional test dates have been added. Not all students have returned to in-person instruction (BAM), or if they have it's been very recent, so the PSAT will also be offered on Saturday, October 17, Thursday, October 29 (NOT the 28th), and Tuesday, January 26, 2021. The 29th is a backup date for students who miss the 14th and is unusual because it's a Thursday and not the normal Wednesday. Students who take the PSAT in January 2021 will be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship just like students who take in October 2020.

The most likely date for your child to take the PSAT is on October 14, 2020, but it's best to check with your child's school to be sure.

I was unaware of the National Merit Scholarship and what it meant for my future when I was a high school student. If I would have known I could have saved so much money on school, let alone the purpose of the PSAT, I would have prepared much differently. There are practice PSAT tests available, and Ace Cookie Tutoring provides test taking strategies and study skills tutoring as well as tutoring specific to PSAT material. Not all students know how to study because they're natural test takers and/or able to pass tests with little to no studying. If that's not your child, I would love to talk to you! Please call 913 - 938 - 6344 for a free study checklist and study evaluation. Let's find out what your student is doing successfully and unsuccessfully when studying.

If your student is great at studying independently, has he/she taken the SAT, yet? The SAT and ACT are very different on both material and scoring. It's important for your child to understand the differences so he/she can be successful on the PSAT.

Ace Cookie Tutoring wants your child to be successful on the PSAT so he/she can win a National Merit Scholarship and get to go to his/her dream school for a very affordable price. Call us today for your study checklist and evaluation at: 913 - 938 - 6344.

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