Tutor Specific Information

Below are the answers to your questions about the tutors at Ace Cookie Tutoring. Be sure to check out the page "Our Tutors" if you have questions about our screening process. 

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What do you, the tutor, provide as part of the service?

The CEO loves to bake, and we know kids love cookies! So, each in-person lesson, we will provide cookies at the end of the lesson. What better way to end homework than with a sweet treat?


Other than cookies, we will bring paper, writing utensils, and our laptops as necessary. 


We don’t normally create lesson plans/study materials outside of a student’s current school work. Yet we would gladly do so as part of a two hour lesson: one hour to create the lesson and an hour to work with the student. Ask us about our association with Usborne Books & More!

What is your tutoring style?

The CEO and head tutor is a visual and kinesthetic learner. Being told what to do doesn’t help her learn. So, she shows students how to do a problem, and then observes them as they work through the next one on their own, correcting mistakes as needed.

Other tutors at ACT are primarily visual learners, so writing things down during lessons helps them communicate with students.

We do our best to tie in students’ interests with the lessons. If a student loves cats, we use cat examples. If a student plays baseball, we relate baseball to whatever homework we’re completing.

Although no employees at ACT are primarily auditory learners, we are more than capable of tutoring auditory students after working with multiple auditory learning style students.