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The Process

Thank you for visiting Ace Cookie Tutoring! Below, you'll find information about every step of our process, from requesting a lesson, to paying for lessons, to submitting referrals.

If you have questions about which classes, standardized tests, and professional topics we tutor, please visit our "Subjects We Tutor" page.

Bite into learning; become a smart cookie!

Bite into learning; become a smart cookie!

Teacher Assisting a Student

The Process

Thank you for considering Ace Cookie Tutoring for your tutoring needs. Please click the below link to begin the first step!

Pay the Consultation Fee

We'll communicate via email to answer questions initially.
We'll decide if Ace Cookie Tutoring can make your student a more effective learner. 
You'll pay the $25 fee online.

Meet For Consultation

We'll discuss what goals both the parent(s) and student(s) have whether it be in-person or online depending on the student's location.

ACT will help you determine how many lessons will be needed if you decide bundling is something you're interested in.

If possible, the first lesson will begin immediately following the consultation.

Payment for the lesson will be required as will paperwork.

More information on consultations can be found by clicking "here."

Prepay the Full Lesson Amount Online

The first lesson will be paid for at the end of the consultation or between the consultation and first lesson if the lesson happens on a later day.

Students may pay for lessons via online prepayment or via cash at the end of each lesson.

All students are required to have credit card information on file.

For clients choosing a bundle:

the first half of the bundle is due before the first lesson

the second half is due a maximum of a week after the first lesson, but before the second lesson.

Meet for Lesson(s)

We will meet at a location within 20 minutes of Gardner or online depending on a student's location and preferences.
Example locations: student's home or public place such as a library.
Students will be given 15 minutes from start time to arrive.
At the conclusion of the lesson, we will determine the time and date of the next lesson as desired.

Submit Referral Form

We hope you are and/or were satisfied with Ace Cookie Tutoring.
Receive discounted lessons for referring new students.

Take Online Survey

We value your thoughts and opinions.
Please take a moment to complete our online survey.
A special offer will be available to everyone who completes the survey.

You are officially a smart cookie!

Thank you for choosing Ace Cookie Tutoring for your tutoring needs by biting into learning.
We hope you enjoy being a smart cookie!