Heather B, Jan. 2021

I couldn't get my daughter to take studying for the ACT seriously until she started working with Jessyka. She taught (my daughter) how to study, what to do, and gave her confidence to tackle the test. (I can't) say enough great things about their service!

Jack D, Dec. 2020

Becoming a meteorologist is my dream. Jessyka helped me with my math class a couple of years ago. When I asked for help with meteorology, she got me through the first couple of classes and then found me an excellent meteorology tutor.

Katie R, Oct. 2020

I met Jessyka at a Trunk or Treat event. There was a week left of Quarter 1, and my foster son was failing high school Science and English. Jessyka rearranged her schedule to meet with him four times that week. With her help, my son increased his science test grade from a 32% to a 94% and passed his Quarter 1 classes.

Courtney S, Oct. 2020

Jessyka is very tech savvy for my third grader, who's been needing some extra help on his reading fluency. She's convenient and reliable for anyone who has academic concerns.

Marisela L, Aug. 2020

Sometimes knowing two languages makes writing in a second language even harder. My daughter works with Jessyka for two years. (Jessyka) helps my daughter with her Honors English classes. They have done very well together. 

Lisa B, May 2020

Jessyka is a wonderful tutor. My daughter is in advanced math courses in HS and, although doing fine on the HW, was struggling with the tests. Jessyka has helped her learn what to focus on for success in the class. She was also able to adapt to the new online learning environment, and my daughter has been able to continue her tutoring online!

Beth M, March 2020

Jessyka is very easy for my son to work with. They are working on ACT prep, and he seems engaged and interested when each session is over with her help. He seems more confident for the upcoming test.

Amanda S, Feb. 2020

(Jessyka) was very understanding, and she got me out of a bad situation and helped me understand my worst enemy--English comp. I would recommend her for anyone. Very caring and passionate about her job.

Rob L, Dec. 2019

Jessyka is amazing. She helped me through so many obstacles when I had no idea what to do. She worked with me every step of the way and communicated efficiently. I promise you, whatever tutoring needs you have, she will be able to fulfill those needs flawlessly, not to mention her writing skills and knowledge are superb.

Suzanne C, Dec. 2019

My son liked working with you (on his middle school math) and felt like it was helpful.

Craig G, Nov. 2019

Jessyka is a great tutor! She's dedicated and hard working.

Adam H, Nov. 2019

Jessyka knows how to make learning fun!

Jordan D, October 2019

We worked on some of my grammar skills and skills needed to know for the ACT.

John D, August 2019

Jessyka has spent the last few months tutoring my autistic son in math. He is showing steady progress and has been successful in the course, which speaks to Jessyka’s ability as a tutor. She is caring, heavily invested in my son’s learning, dedicated, punctual, flexible, and professional. Jessyka’s belief that everyone can learn, regardless of their challenges is very evident when she is with my son. My son likes her very much. His confidence in his academic ability has soared under Jessyka’s steady hand.


Gardner, KS

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