Test preparation

​ Below are the answers to your questions about the tests we tutor students to prepare for. 

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Students Taking Exams

Do you tutor the act?

  • Yes - all four sections.

  • We specialize in ACT preparation and consider ourselves expert ACT tutors.

  • CEO & head tutor Jessyka specializes in the Reading & English sections

    • She earned a 35 in each section and has helped several students increase their section and composite scores.​

  • Contractors specialize in the Math and Science portions online only.

Do you offer ACT prep packages? 

  • Yes!

  • Prices are the same as our bundles (30, 10, and 5 lessons)

  • Students receive free practice tests and personalized study plans are created with each student

What are the act test dates for 2022-2023?

Should I order a tir report?

  • Yes!

  • For $30, we strongly recommend students ordering a TIR in December, April, and/or June

  • With the TIR, it is possible to determine which types of questions and content your teen is struggling with. 

Where can i find free practice act tests?

Do you tutor the ged?

  • Yes - all four sections!

  • Jessyka specializes in the Language Arts & Science Sections, but is successful at tutoring all sections.

  • Contractors tutor the Math and Social Studies sections online.

GED flier.png

Where can i find practice Ged tests?

do you tutor the psat and the sat?

  • Yes - both! 

  • The PSAT occurs in the fall every year for 10th and 11th grade students, and Ace Cookie Tutoring specializes in both last-minute and long term test prep / studying strategies. 

  • Looking for more information about the PSAT and PSAT test dates? Read our blog!

  • Jessyka specializes in the Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay portions. 

  • Trying to decide the right strategy for getting the best PSAT or SAT score possible? We can help!

Where can i find practice PSAT and SAT tests?

do you tutor other professional tests, licenses, certificates, entrance exams, etc?

  • Yes - just ask!

  • Test taking strategies are something we can teach everyone, no matter a student's age, grade, or testing type/location/or purpose. 

  • We may not know the material, but we can successfully help you narrow down your answer choices so you have the best chance of selecting the correct answer.

  • We can also help everyone develop a successful study plan for any type of test.