Supplies / how to prepare

Below are the answers to your questions about who brings what to lessons and how students can best prepare for lessons with Ace Cookie Tutoring. Check out our "Student Specific Information" page if you have questions about the students we help.

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School Supply

What should a student have available each tutoring session?

  • Please bring whatever materials we’ll need to complete the homework, project, etc if we're having an in-person lesson at a public place. Or, if meeting online or at the student's home, please have everything within reach of your workspace. 

  • Supplies possibly needed: charged laptop/tablet, pens/pencils, notes, textbooks, paper, art supplies, etc.

  • Before the session, please be sure to have asked your teacher for any needed rubrics, requirements, instructions, etc, especially if working on a revision or past due assignment.

What should a student do to prepare for AN ACT tutoring session?

  • Please complete a practice test before our session.

    • Free, printable tests can be found online.

    • Complete sections you struggle with first. 

    • Please grade the practice test before the session so we can spend all of our time going over the questions you didn’t understand and focus on finding strategies which help you strengthen your weaknesses. 

  • If you have taken the ACT previously, please bring the questions, your answers, and the answer key if possible.

    • If you don't have access to these pieces of information, please at least know your ACT composite score and section scores.