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Study Skills Tutoring

What Skills We Teach:

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Note Taking

Study Skills Help Topics

Learn the study skills you need before struggling on a test or in a higher level course. We can help!

If you're struggling to ace your tests, or you're constantly forgetting what project is due this week, we have the skills to help you identify key information, memorize the needed material, and stay on track to meet your goals!

Note Taking

What we teach: what to write down during class/when reading a textbook, what marks to make in your notebook/Word documents, how to format your notes, and more

Memorization Techniques

What we teach: how to apply your learning style to studying, the effectiveness of flash cards vs. rote memorization vs. audio books vs. mnemonic devices, and more

Agenda/To Do List

What we teach: where to keep your agenda and how to effectively use it, the purpose of to do lists, alternative methods to stay on track, and more


What we teach: where/how to find motivation, how to create a reward system, the importance of motivation/rewards, and more


What we teach: how to create SMART goals, the purpose/reasoning behind goals, where to post them, and more

Are you ready to retain new information and achieve your dreams? We'd love to have you join our batch of smart cookies!

Bite into learning!