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Science Tutoring

What Skills We Teach:

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ACT Science Section

Science Help Topics

From elementary level science classes through college biology courses, we have the answers you need to succeed!

All types of science are full of vocabulary, diagrams, and other things to memorize in order to succeed. We will teach you the skills you need to learn your vocabulary words, narrow down your answer choices, and determine the best possible answer.

ACT Science Section

What we teach: how to interpret various graphs and charts including their numerous elements, quickly locate key information within the passages, process information presented in various ways, and more


What we teach: how to identify various parts of cells and their functions, the differences/similarities between meiosis and mitosis, how to create and interpret Punnet Squares, the various parts of a flower and their purposes, and more

Physical Science

What we teach: how to identify all of the information presented on the Periodic Table of Elements, the purpose of each subatomic particle (proton, neutron, and electron), how to solve for speed/velocity/acceleration, the differences/similarities between different types of chemical bonds, and more


What we teach: how to create and interpret: pie/line/bar graphs, scatter plots, histograms, stem plots, and more

Lab Reports/Presentations

What we teach: the various necessary sections to include in a report as well as what information to list in each section, how to properly cite sources within the report as well as at the end, the tools to use to create a presentation, proofreading techniques to use, and more

Are you ready to win first place at the next science fair or convention? We'd love to have you join our batch of smart cookies!

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