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What Skills We Teach:

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Proofreading Help Topics

We're here to make sure your essay, report, cover letter, resume, or other written work is perfect.

After exerting the effort to create a written masterpiece, be sure everything is spelled and punctuated correctly with our help. Or, if you think your writing could use a little more assistance, we'll gladly provide our advice and support.


What we teach: the proper usage of commonly misused punctuation marks, verb tense, and more


What we teach: what they are and their importance, best placement opportunities, different uses, and more

Word Choice

What we teach: how to write concisely and/or with more detail, the importance of a wide and varied vocabulary, how to use a thesaurus, and more


What we teach: different writing styles and their requirements, how to structure each part of an essay/resume/report, what to include in each paragraph/section, and more

Are you ready to create written perfection? We'd love to have you join our batch of smart cookies!

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