Flow Technique Document:

Receive a wide variety of hook ideas, transition phrases, and final conclusion sentence ideas in an easy-to-read, colorful digital comic format good for all ages, including adults. Learn what hooks/phrases/final sentences to use in each type of writing.


Essay Outline AND Sample Essay:

Learn how to write an essay step-by-step, line by line, with detailed instructions and a sample essay. Use this digital outline to write an A-level paper no matter if it's at the middle or high school, college, or graduate level! The outline is adaptable to all forms of writing (expository, informative, research, persuasive, and argumentative.)

Flow Technique Document Bundle

  • The flow technique document will be provided as a PDF.

    The essay outline and sample essay will be provided as a PDF. 

    The sample essay walkthrough will be provided as a MP4.


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