What worries you most about your child's education?

  • Not enough motivation

  • Constant procrastination

  • Sense of overwhelm

  • Boredom and lack of focus

  • Paying for college

  • Undecided future plans

  • Or something else????

All of these are legitimate concerns, no matter if you have an elementary, middle, or high school student on your hands.

Unfortunately, some of these concerns might hang around through college.

That's why I reached out to over 30 different education experts.

I wanted to find out if gifted students thought school was easy, boring, enjoyable, what.

I also wanted to know if parents helped or hurt students in school when it came to grades. My mom was very supportive of my valedictorian dream, but she never pushed it. Not all parents are so nonchalant, and I learned the good, bad, and ugly of that while doing my interviews.

When it comes to paying for college, I learned an easy six things I wish I would have known over 10 years ago when I was applying for college. Yeah - you might have made these same mistakes, too, but your child doesn't have to!

Maybe college isn't the right option...... After learning about 20-year-olds buying houses with money earned from apprenticeships, I wonder where I might be now if I would have taken a different path.

Get answers to your questions by joining the How to Graduate with Honors Masterclass! Over 14 days, watch as many or as few interviews you'd like from 30 different education experts. The event starts on July 5, 2021, so make sure you sign up now!

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