What resources can my children use during the quarantine?

We're in uncharted territory right now. All Kansas schools are closed through May 2020. Some schools throughout the country and world have switched to 100% online learning while others are still uncertain what the next steps are.

Either way, Johnson County as well as other counties across the US are under quarantine. The US is lucky enough to not be in a nationwide shutdown like a few other countries. Yet, the feeling of being "stuck" is felt by all, especially children.

To keep your children on the right track academically, and help you keep your sanity during the quarantine, Ace Cookie Tutoring has compiled some great resources for you to use. Please check out our Facebook page @acecookietutoring for daily resources over the next month.

For now, please enjoy these FREE resources, and be on the look out for more:

1) https://www.coolmathgames.com/

Your children look forward to this game during free-time at school, so keep up the fun and education at home. Who knew math could be so enjoyable?

2) Writing Prompt Challenge (I have attached some prompts I found online.)

Ask your children to write one or more paragraphs each day, depending on age, about the attached topics. Writing is an essential skill, and it's one Ace Cookie Tutoring loves helping students of all ages master.

3. Indoor tennis, paper plane target practice, and life sized tic-tac-toe

Is it raining outside? Are your younger children begging you for entertainment?

Here are some great ideas I saw on a Facebook post entitled, "Libby's Outdoor Maintenance."

Have your kids play indoor tennis with a fly swatter and balloons. Keeping the balloon off of the floor with or without the fly swatter is just as fun!

Help your children create a "points board" and then see who can make the best paper airplane.

Make a life sized version of tic-tac-toe. Use painter's tape on carpet or chalk outside!

4. https://foldingathome.org/

Do your students need some time away from the computer?

Or, maybe you have an old computer you don't use anymore?

Consider Folding: donating your computer's processing power to aid in scientific research, including fighting the Corona Virus. For more information and/or to get started, visit the link above.

We hope you're staying healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to helping you become a smart cookie!

Ace Cookie Tutoring is offering online lessons through Skype and Zoom during the quarantine. If you'd like to schedule to a lesson, please visit acecookietutoring.com/book-online

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