Tutoring Transcript: Stay Remote or Not?

Hey, everyone! Are you remote, in-person, or hybrid?

Most students are still remote, and many will continue to be as the school year progresses. If you are still trying to make that decision for Semester 2, I'm here to help!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts about remote learning in the comments below :)

To read the transcript turned blog post of my Facebook live, keep scrolling.

I went live on Facebook with three things to consider, and the replay is available below.

The highlights of the replay are below:

My name is Jessyka Coulter, and I'm the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. I want to help you decide how to choose between in-person or brick and mortar learning, remote learning, and hybrid schooling. I work with students in the third grade and beyond all the way up through adults in grad school. I have three specialties: ACT prep or test taking strategies in general, writing or proofreading, and middle school math. I tutor and provide homework help with more than that, but those are my specialties.

Alright, the first idea to consider when deciding whether or not to opt into remote learning, opt out of remote learning, or continue with remote learning concerns the deadline to make the decision. When is the deadline?

Parent - teacher conferences are already here, about to be, or are already done. It just depends on the school district. This matters because the results of parent/teacher conferences can help you make your decision about remote learning. How is your child doing? Or, how are your grades right now at the end of quarter 1 if you're an adult and don't have parent/teacher conferences?

Take this opportunity to decide if you or your child is doing well and learning a lot during remote learning. If you are, or he or she is, then remote learning might be the right choice for you as the school year continues. Yet, if grades aren't great, and you're struggling, decide whether or not remote learning is the root cause. If it is, then make sure you're ready to enroll yourself or your child in hybrid learning or in-person learning, whatever your school is providing.

If it seems changing the type of schooling isn't the problem, consider hiring a tutor. I provide one-on-help in-person or face to face as well as online. My homework help and study tips are personalized to each student and tailored to your needs. Schedule a lesson at: www.acecookietutoring.com/book-online

The second thing to consider when deciding whether or not to continue with remote learning concerns support. Are you or your child getting the support and help you need from your teachers? Is the teacher calling, returning emails, etc.? Unfortunately, a lot of teachers don't answer emails quickly if at all. How about time for questions during lessons or before or after class?

Students require different levels of help, and classes have varying degrees of difficulty for different students. Consider this when deciding if you or your child is getting the support you need.

If your teacher or your child's teacher is not answering emails, maybe remote learning is not a good choice. When in-person or hybrid, it's easy to stop a teacher in the hallway to ask a quick question or stay a couple minutes after class. If you're in person, then you're more likely to get some actual help because a teacher can ignore an email but can't really ignore a child or a parent in his or her face.

The last idea to consider after you've determined the deadline to make your decision and level of support you're getting is probably the most important: safety. Unfortunately, COVID isn't going away. We're not going to wake up in couple of days and realize the pandemic was merely a bad dream.

This means you have to decide for yourself if the precautions your school district or state or individual school are taking are enough to keep you and your family safe. Keep in mind cleanliness and surface touches. Unfortunately, kids can bring COVID home from school just as easily as a mere cold.

The nice thing about remote learning is that there's no one breathing on you or your kids. Yes, sitting in front of a computer all day has its pro and cons, but you're not walking through a cloud of sneezes or coughs.

Decide where safety ranks in the level of importance for your peace of mind as well as

learning. Learning is the absolute goal of school, but this year we also have to focus a

lot more on our health.

So, remember, if you need help with remote learning, schedule a lesson with me at: www.acecookietutoring.com/book-online so you can have a successful semester and learn as much as possible during remote learning.

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