Tutoring Transcript: A Tutor's Opinion: Kansas to Start School Year 2020 in September

Have you watched our video, "Kansas Schools to Start in September 2020"? If not, here's the video:

In the video, explore what the delay in school means for students in Kansas. I urge parents of all students to encourage continuous learning, even if school isn't in session.

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Hey, everyone! Jessyka Coulter here. Usually, I would be bringing you some kind of info or teaching you something. Today, I just want to simply ask if you've heard about the latest order from our governor here in Kansas.

I don't want to tell you my opinions or say she's right or wrong. I just want to ask if you're keeping up-to-date with the back to school plans for fall 2020. I'm doing my best to stay current since I work as a tutor and also because I work as a substitute teacher in a couple districts here in Kansas.

I haven't worked in a classroom since March, so I can only imagine some schools in Kansas and throughout the world haven't been open since March.

In this video, I want to let you know that tutoring companies like mine, Ace Cookie Tutoring, are here, and we're doing our best to keep children and adults learning - just like most, if not all, schools throughout the world.

Learning never stops. It doesn't matter if your child has or hasn't started school or if he's going into middle or high school.

You've got to get your kid to learn. If that means you use me/my tutoring company, wonderful! I'm posting new free resources as often as possible. I'm also creating paid resources. So, if you want to do some activities with you child, or if you just want to give him or her something educational to do because your child's school is not providing things, definitely take advantage.

I'd love to talk to you over the phone to set up some kind of educational plan for your family whether it's something face-to-face in person or online. Online might be the safer choice right now. It's totally up to you! Whatever it is, I just want to help your children learn.

Take advantage of the free step-by-step tutorials on my page www.facebook.com/acecookietutoring and on my YouTube channel (Ace Cookie Tutoring), or check out PBS, Kaplan, or Khan Academy. Whatever you use, just let your kids learn.

Kids who haven't started school yet have an entire world to explore and learn about. If you have really young kiddos, and you're walking with them outside, help them figure out what plants are what. Or, if you're at the grocery store, practice counting by counting something on the shelf. It doesn't really matter what activity you're doing with your child - just help your kid learn.

I want education to keep going. I don't want people to think because school is done for the moment that the kids are done. I am so against that.

If I felt that learning wasn't important, I wouldn't work as a substitute teacher or a tutor.

Yes, school is different right now. It's been different since March, and it looks like it's going to stay different for awhile longer. If your child's school decides not to do online learning until after Labor Day or waits until September to open its doors, just think about how long it's been since your child has sat in a classroom or how long it's possibly been since his/her teacher required him/her to do any work.

One of my students I met with today goes to a nearby district. She's a freshman, and the school decided last spring freshmen that had A's and B's were done for the year. My student is in advanced classes. Last year, she had homework over the summer that was required to be turned in the first day of school. Yet, because of COVID, school officials have decided that's not important. Nothing is being required of her until September at this point.

I don't want to get preachy or shove my opinions down your throat. All I want is for you to know that I think education is important. I hope you think it is important, too.

Please don't let your kids stop learning. I'm here if you need any help, suggestions, or advice. Send an email to: acecookietutoring@gmail.com, call 913 - 938 - 6344, or click here.

Thanks so much guys!

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