Tutoring: From a Teacher's Perspective: 3 Things Students Should do Over Winter Break

Christmas has come and gone, but winter break isn't over yet. What should you and other students do to make the most of your holiday break?

What are some things or activities students should do to have an effective Christmas break?

Thankfully, some of Ace Cookie Tutoring contractors are teachers and shared their thoughts.

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Syndi Dove, high school Reading teacher and copywriter (www.dovecopywriting.com) shared her three winter break tips for students.

We first discussed finals. Because of COVID-19, final exams, like many things, have been delayed. Since semester 1 will not be over until mid to late January, students need to spend some of their holiday break preparing for finals.

Syndi said, "You need to take some time to remember what you're doing, even if it's just asking one of your parents, 'Hey, what do you remember about...?'"

Talking to your parents is a fun way to study and can provide unique perspectives.

Syndi said, though, it's "best if you open up your notes and take a look."

So, that's tip number one for holiday break 2020: study for final exams.

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913 - 938 - 6344 so you will be ready for finals after your holiday break.

Not all students have finals to study for. WHAT?! I know; it's not fair.

Yet, any students given the opportunity to make up missing work or gain extra credit points should take advantage of those rare opportunities.

Syndi shared the fact she's giving her students the chance to earn an extra 100 points over break. Crazy, right?

What homework should you get done over your holiday vacation? I ask because tip number two is get as much homework, extra credit, etc. done over your two plus week break.

If you haven't checked out all of my free tutorials and video replays on YouTube here, you definitely should. Sometimes an alternate explanation is all it takes to make a seemingly difficult subject easy to understand. The last thing Syndi and I discussed was what students should do if they don't have finals to study for and are great students like we were with no missing work.

At Ace Cookie Tutoring, Syndi shared "...we want you to keep learning during the break, no matter what... Learn how to do something new, even if it's simple and easy."

For Syndi, she learned needle work while torturing her dad's handkerchiefs while I sent many, many homemade holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, etc.) cards to family to get better at rubber stamping.

What would you like to learn to do?

It doesn't have to be school related or expensive. At Ace Cookie Tutoring, we encourage learning, and we want students to put learning first, whether or not that learning is directly connected to a homework assignment.

So, that's tip number three: learn something new over winter break.

If you or someone you know is struggling to have a productive winter break, call Ace Cookie Tutoring at 913 - 938 - 6344. We want to help you stay focused on school and be ready to finish the last couple of weeks of semester 1.

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