Tutoring: Spark a Child's Education

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Did you enjoy your Fourth of July?

I know I did! I spent way too much money on fireworks, but I had a great time with family even with the COVID-19 social distancing and safety precautions. So, I hope you had a fun time, too! 

Did you know Americans spent at least 1 billion dollars on fireworks in 2019? Crazy, right!? 

I felt a little pride when I did even more research and realized Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska spend the most on fireworks per person. I'm happy to live in a place that appreciates fun and realizes the importance of celebrating our country's independence.  

Fireworks are great entertainment, and they represent so much more than the pretty colors and loud noises after the fuses are lit. 

Education is the same way. Learning can be and should be fun, and having the opportunity to go to school is a huge benefit of our country's independence. 

While parents in the US are spending around $60,000 per child on education from K - college undergrad as of 2017, the benefits of education far outweigh the cost. 

If you ask your child, "Would you rather visit three firework stands or go to the library three times this week?" most will choose the firework stands. Yet, I ask you as the important adult in a student's life, which trip, library/fireworks, will matter more in the long run?

I love fireworks, but once they're lit, and the gunpowder is used up, there is no more benefit whereas going to the library, reading a book, or some other educational activity will last much longer. 

I am offering a free tutoring consultation to every new customer who books a lesson this month (July 2020). Please visit www.acecookietutoring.com/book-online to schedule your consultation and lesson today. I want to help your child continue the fun of learning all year long. But, don't think for a moment that I won't be out there next 4th lighting off my own fireworks.

Education is important, and so are celebrations.

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