Tutoring: The Truth Behind Reading

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Hey, everyone!

I hope you've managed to find a good book or two to read during the COVID-19 quarantine. If you haven't, I'm here to encourage you to read and tell you why it's so important!

If you would prefer to watch a video, I went live on Facebook not too long ago with this information. The video is below or here.

So, why read? I have two facts I want to share with you:

1) Kids who live in homes with 100 books or more have higher reading scores

2) 500 or more books in the home correlates with college attendance of 3.5+ years

Wow, right?!

I was so surprised by these figures I decided to become a Usborne Books & More consultant (book lady). If you're interested in learning more about books available for purchase, please email me at: acecookietutoring@gmail.com , message me here, or call 913 - 938 - 6344.

Ok, I have more information I want to share with you! You might be wondering why it's important to have so many books at home. Or, you could be thinking books in large quantities aren't necessary.

As of 2015, 14% of the adult population in the United States was illiterate according to the National Children’s Book & Literacy Alliance. That's an easy 30 million people by today's population size! Can you imagine trying to get through life without being able to read? You couldn't easily apply for jobs, read street signs, take part in society, or even read this blog post! This can be prevented by learning to read as a child.

Yet, learning to read isn't easy for everyone. Nor, does everyone have access to books. Thankfully, libraries exist, and thankfully, companies like Usborne Books offers books affordably (over 60% are less than $10!)

I can't encourage you enough to read as an adult and to read to your children. FerstReaders says books and reading aloud to a child at home strongly influence a child’s success at school early on. Also, reading aloud stimulates languages and cognitive skills. I couldn’t agree more!

I will be hosting more Usborne Books & More parties. I'd love to introduce you and your readers to these great books. Please join my Usborne Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248645996563199/ Reading is EXTREMELY important, and I want to do what I can to increase literacy throughout the world :)

If you'd like to watch the video instead of reading the article (or in addition to), here is the video:

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