Tutoring: How to Decide Between Pen/ Paper and Computer Learning

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

With many schools turning to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems to me a good time to do research about the various types of learning available to students.

Experts from Western Michigan University and Medical University of South Carolina wrote a paper entitled, "ONLINE HOMEWORK VERSUS PEN AND PENCIL HOMEWORK: DO THE BENEFITS OUTWEIGH THE COSTS?"

In it, they reviewed many different articles and came to an unsettling conclusion: it is not known which helps students learn material better - pen and paper or online learning.

There are many benefits to online learning - automatic grading, instant feedback, easy communication between teachers and students, and more.

Yet, there are also drawbacks - lack of creativity, loss of originality, no personalized learning, increased chance of laziness, and more.

The benefits to learning done on paper are very different - students are required to try harder as there isn't an "undo button", templates are easily adjusted to allow for individualized learning, and more.

But, just like online learning, there are draw backs to pen and paper homework assignments - grading can be very subjective, papers can be easily lost by both students and teachers, communication isn't as easy, and more.

Whatever your child is doing during this time of uncertainty, online or paper and pencil learning, I urge you to remind your child to never stop learning. If the computer doesn't seem to be helping your child learn, feel free to print out the assignments. Or, if your child loves to type, have him/her type out answers/draw in Paint or a similar program.

Ace Cookie Tutoring is here to help your child become a smart cookie. The 2019-2020 will be over sooner than any of us expect, and we want to help this challenging school year end on the best note possible.

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