How to Graduate High School On Time

Hello, soon-to-be high school graduates and parents! I know you want to graduate on time and become the class of 2021 sooner rather than later.

I have three tips I want to share with you that are sure to help you get there!

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Without further ado, let’s talk about those three steps high school students need to take right now to ensure a timely graduation.


#1: Earn the Right Amount of Credits, in the Right Classes

All high schools have a minimum number of credits required for graduation. Do you know how many credits that is at your high school? A lot of the time it is 28, but you need to know the exact amount at your school.

What classes are required for graduation?

Do you need 3 English credits or 4?

What about Science? Is your one biology class going to be enough to graduate?

Even if you have the right amount of credits earned to graduate, you won’t get to walk across that stage if you didn’t take and then pass the right classes.

If you don’t know if you’ve met all of your graduation requirements, talk to your high school counselor or even pull out your course catalog from freshman year which likely has graduation requirements.

Yet, if you know you don’t have enough credits, or you’re worried you’re going to fail a class you’re taking this semester which would prevent you from graduating, reach out for help.

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#2: Attend ALL Classes ALL the Time

Yes, it’s your graduation year. And, yes, some kids think it’s “cool” to skip class. Well, I’ve got to you, it’s really not.

Do any of your teachers count attendance towards a grade? Some teachers have an attendance or participation grade.

Just for showing up, you get “x” amount of points each day. I’ve got to tell you, those points really add up.

And, if the attendance or participation grade is 5 or even 10% of your final grade in the class, that could easily mean the difference between a B and an A. Or, if you’re just trying to skate by, passing and failing.

Besides a possible attendance/participation score, know you’re missing out on some valuable learning and study time every time you’re not in class.

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#3 Pay Your School Fees

Graduation costs money. Textbooks have fees. Technology use has fees. Lunch costs money.

These fees and other costs add up. Are you in the hole?

If you are, I can’t encourage you enough to start paying it NOW.

Graduation means a lot to you, your parents, and your family.

It also means to the school district you’re attending you’re never coming back. You literally are given your school file on your last day of senior year. This means everything needs to be settled between you and the school, including money.

I don’t want you to miss graduation because you were addicted to the school’s chicken nuggets and owe $21.19 for your last couple of lunches with friends.

So, those are my three tips for high school graduates who want to graduate on-time.

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