Effective Study Tips

Every Wednesday, Ace Cookie Tutoring posts a new study tip. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the latest study tips!

Here are some of our favorite study tips:

1) When learning something new, it's ok to get frustrated - just know when to step back and breathe!

2) Don't procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment or bigger project means you won't have time to ask for help, and it means your work likely won't be your best.

3) Before submitting a paper, resume, whatever, be sure to reread it several hours after you think it's done. If you double-check it immediately upon completion, your mind will automatically fix any missing words, misused words, etc. Letting the document sit gives your mind a chance to "reset" and see obvious errors.

4) Wear comfortable clothes during long standardized tests (like the ACT) and during grueling, back-to-back tests (like finals)! We also suggest wearing layers. Why let an itchy sweater or an unusually cold room prevent you from doing your best on a test?

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