Do you believe your kid will pass? Do you believe you’ll get that job?

Seriously, think about what you believe. If you don’t think it will work or happen, it probably won’t.

If your kid thinks a class is hard and that he can’t do it, he’s not going to pass. If you’re lucky, he’ll sit and try and do the homework for hours. But is that really lucky?

If you don’t think you’ll get a job or promotion, you probably won’t. Maybe the boss will think you don’t really want it or that you can’t do it.

Believing you can do something is extraordinarily important. It’s one of the pillars of motivation. If you believe you can do something, you will be motivated to try. We talk about this at my event happening RIGHT NOW (Oct 4 - Oct 17, 2021). Check it out and sign up at:

Let’s go back to the job problem. You must have believed you could do it at some point. You were motivated to apply. Get that belief back. With that belief, you will be motivated to tell the boss why you should get the job or the promotion.

As for your student, he passed the prerequisites to get in the class. He’s proven that he can learn. He’s got to believe he can continue to learn and be motivated to do so. Maybe that belief will motivate your son to get help from the teacher or a tutor.

Do you see how belief and motivation walk hand in hand? Do you want to learn more about motivation so that you can change your world? I'm hosting a free video interview series called Motivate Your Children to Succeed for parents who want to learn how to get their kids motivated.

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