Tutoring: College-Bound: What to Bring, and How to Prepare Your Dorm Room

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Congratulations! You've graduated high school and been accepted into your dream school.

Classes are quickly approaching, and I know you have questions. What do you bring to college? What are the necessities for a dorm room? How to shop for college? And, finally: how do you prepare your dorm room? What are dorm room basics?

I have some suggestions for you based on my own experiences and current popular trends :)

1) Something personal from home

a. Favorite blanket/stuffed animal/posters/pictures

b. On tough days, it's nice to have something that reminds you of home.

2) Command hooks/Sticky Tack

a. A lot of colleges don’t want holes in the dorm walls – be prepared (don’t overpay at the book store!)

3) Twin XL sheets

a. Yes – college beds are longer than normal twin size sheets!

b. These can be hard to find, but try Bed, Bath, and Beyond :)

4) Shower Caddy & Shower Shoes

a. Communal shower? These are definitely needed!

5) Lap desk/backrest pillow

a. Be prepared to do lots of homework in bed 😊

6) Laundry Basket/Hamper

a. Some college students take their dirty clothes down to the laundry in one basket and bring the clean laundry back up in the same basket…..up to you!

7) Over the door hooks/hanging shoe rack

a. Dorm closets are SMALL; where do you plan on hanging up your wet towel?

8) Power strip/ethernet cable

a. How old is your dorm building? Don’t fight your roommate(s) over limited outlets

b. Does the WIFI reach your room from the lobby?

9) Underbed storage

a. Space is limited in a dorm room, so decide what bags/small totes will be put to good use

10) Office supplies

a. Do you like having a desk lamp? There probably won’t be one provided.

b. How do you take notes/study? Highlighters? Pens? Sticky notes?

11) Decide with your roommates who’s bringing what (mini fridge/TV/couch/etc.)

12) Check with your college’s housing department for prohibited items (candles/microwaves/etc.)

13) Verify what furniture the school provides (desk, dresser, & bed are pretty common)

14) Buy your books ahead of time (the school bookstore is probably not the cheapest place!)

15) Walk your schedule before classes start (it’s really helpful to know what classes are where!)

Good luck!

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