Brick and Mortar, Online, or Hybrid, Students Must Keep Learning

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Many brick and mortar schools in Kansas have reopened or will soon. Depending on your district, schools opened in August or September.

What are you going to do if they don’t reopen?

Try to stay up to date with your specific school. Per the governor of Kansas, students and staff are to wear masks. Pictures of students in Georgia, who have returned to school, show many students ignoring the mask mandate. One school has already had a new Corona outbreak.

Kids need to keep learning. Education is one of the things that separates developed countries from undeveloped countries.

It’s going to be up to you, the parents and guardians of students, to let your children know the importance of wearing masks and learning. There is data out there arguing both sides of the mask issue. However, if there is a spike of COVID-19, it seems likely the school affected may close.

Students are heavily influenced by their parents. If you don’t think it’s important to wear a mask, neither will your kids. Check into your school’s policy about refusal to wear a mask. If a student is just going to be sent home, you might want to keep them home in the first place. So many students and their parents want schools to reopen. There is the social aspect of students interacting. There are topics that parents aren’t prepared to teach. There is a big difference between being taught by a teacher who knows and loves the material and a teacher who slogs through the material because it is required.

Do you feel your children learned as much this past spring as they should have? Walking the school supply aisles at Walmart shows that they may fear more outbreaks. They are selling workbooks for more school subjects than they have in the past.

Ace Cookie Tutoring is preparing for both possibilities. Jessyka Coulter, CEO, substitute teaches in the KC metro area. If schools reopen, she will be there.

However, there are parents out there preparing to home school. If that is your choice, Ace Cookie Tutoring is also offering to work with home school groups. Supervised Zoom groups where students both learn and interact are an option.

Study after study shows that students learn better from one another. Have you ever been in a class when your friend got what the teacher was saying, but you didn’t? Interactive classes with a tutor/facilitator are incredible ways to learn.

Whatever this fall brings, expect your children to learn. If they are attending online classes, make sure they attend and do any assigned homework. If they are attending school, ask them what they are learning. If your child needs help, contact Ace Cookie Tutoring.

Students learning and asking questions are a gift. Expect your kids to think. If you have a child who has become one with the couch and all you see is an occasional hand snaking out between the cushions for a snack, ask the sofa questions. Ask where the aliens in the game are from. Ask why this game is better than one from the past.

Maybe make this month’s cookies. Keep them out of reach of the arms in the sofa.

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