Are There REALLY Any Benefits to Note Taking?


Taking notes is the bedrock of studying. Without good notes, there is no way to have an effective study session.

And, without a good study session, it's much harder to do well on any tests, including finals.

And, if finals don't go well, say goodbye to acing that class and possibly not even passing it.

So, how can students stop this from happening?

By taking better notes, of course!

Is note taking easy? It can be!

Is note taking boring? It doesn't have to be!

Is note taking important? Most definitely!

The benefits of note taking extend from actually learning material to improving students' grades.

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To this day, I take notes. I take notes when meeting with parents for the first time during my tutoring consultations. I take notes when watching training videos. I have even been known to take notes when watching crime drama movies and TV shows because notes help me so much!

If you want to learn how to take notes, I encourage you to check out my study course, Study Like a Valedictorian. There are 9 key study skills all students need, and note taking is the first and most important.

All learning and consequently all studying starts with good notes. The material presented in a class, book, video, etc. must be collected and summarized in a way that makes it easy to digest, bring home, and learn.

Good notes take practice, but once you know what to write, the benefits far out weigh any possible hand cramping.

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