Tutoring Transcript: 3 Tips for Transitioning into In-Person Learning

March 2021 is here! It's been a full year since the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic has started. Wow.....

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Since last spring, we have also learned how to transition from in-person to remote learning to hybrid schooling and back again. Well, with vaccines becoming more and more available to teachers, schools are beginning to talk about full in-person learning. Is your child's?

Schools in the Kansas City area, where my tutoring business is located, have either gone back to full in-person from hybrid or remote or will very soon.

While this is great news for many students, parents, and teachers, the transition will require some effort.

Working as a substitute teacher in a local area school district has given me some firsthand knowledge and experience how schools are handling students and COVID guidelines in the school buildings during hybrid learning.

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So, let's talk about the transition of going back to school in-person.....

Tip 1: Remain Vigilant About Social Distancing

Teachers are being given the option of being vaccinated in my local district, but students will not be vaccinated until a later time.

Also know the classrooms are not going to magically get larger overnight. It's relatively easy to provide 6 feet of distancing between students in classrooms and the lunchroom when there is only half or less of the student population in the building.

Yet, my school district is not even guaranteeing three feet of distance when we go full in-person on March 22. There's just not the space with the class sizes and room sizes.

Prepare yourself, prepare your child for different looking classrooms and lunch rooms. Going back to school for in-person learning is going to be like another first day of school. Schools are going to try to social distance as much as possible throughout the day, but BAM (brick and mortar) was not intended for students to be spaced six feet apart.

Tip 2: Prepare for Less Free Time and Flexibility in Scheduling

Many students have gotten used to being remote two or more days of the week if not more, depending on if their schools have gone hybrid or are still completely remote.

This means there is a lot of flexibility in getting assignments done. Many teachers and schools expect students to check in remotely during class but then allow students to leave the Zoom or other online meeting to complete their work independently.

In ideal situations, students actually do their work during that assigned class time. Yet, many students don't.

It's going to come as quite a shock to some when they go full in-person to have to stay awake and focused on one particular class instead of doing what work they want when they want and/or eating or napping as they please throughout the school day.

Tip 3: Gather & Take to School All Supplies, Expected or Unexpected

Did you make your usual school supply shopping trip this past summer? I imagine you, like many parents, didn't because what's the point of buying scissors, pens, and pencils specifically for school when you already have some at home?

Well, in-person learning is going to change all of that. We're still in COVID land, so supplies are not being shared at school. Your child will need all of the normal supplies (pens, notebooks, pencils, etc.) as well as items generally considered classroom supplies (rulers, calculators, scissors, etc.) because items are not being shared much if at all depending on cleaning procedures.

With these three tips in mind, I hope your child's transition from remote or hybrid learning into in-person goes smoothly.

Enjoy being back in school, and remember to email the word "spring" to acecookietutoring@gmail.com so you can get my monthly newsletter with the 5 lessons we've learned since March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

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