Tutoring Transcript: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Homeschooling Curriculum

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Below is the transcript to our above video, How to Choose Home Schooling Curriculum.

Here are the three things to consider when selecting curriculum from the video:

1) kids (age/grade/activity level)

2) self (work schedule/open ended vs deadlines)

3) situation (why are you considering home school?)

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Hello, everyone! It’s Jessyka Coulter, and today we're going to be talking about homeschooling curriculum and the three things to consider when making your selection.

So, if you are in this position right now, or if you've made the decision to go ahead and homeschool your kiddos but you're struggling to choose a curriculum, I would love to help you out. Let me know this video is relevant to you by clicking that like or heart button.

Before we get into the three things to consider, I just wanted to introduce myself in case we haven't met. Again, my name is Jessyka Coulter, and I am the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. I will be offering homeschooling lessons virtually starting next week (August 10, 2020; visit www.acecookietutoring.com/book-online for more info). I also help students increase their scores on the ACT, especially in the Reading and English sections, and earn As on their papers. Other than the ACT and proofreading, I also specialize in middle school math. I'd love to help you out with school. I have a Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/asforstudents), but I'll tell you about that more in a little bit.

So, I want to go ahead and jump into those three things to consider. To be a hundred percent honest with you, I found this great article in a blog post by The Homeschool Mom. I'm going to be summarizing her blog post in the video in case you haven't read her blog or maybe you prefer videos to reading. I'll be sharing the link to the article with you in my group. So, if you haven't read the article yet, I highly encourage you to do so after watching this video.

Anyway, the first thing she says to consider when choosing a homeschooling curriculum is your kiddos - their ages and grade levels. The author says it's important to realize that while your child might be in the fourth grade age wise, that doesn't mean he/she is ready for fourth grade math and/or he/she might actually be ready for sixth grade science. To sum it up, curriculum selection depends on your kiddos' capabilities and interests. Make sure you also consider activity level. Different curriculums are more hands-on while others are more sit and watch videos while more of them are just worksheet based. So, curriculum selection really depends on your children's ability to sit and focus versus run around.

I would love to give you more tips related to homeschooling, content knowledge, tutorials, and all of that great educational stuff. Here's the link to join my group called Students Aiming for A's: www.facebook.com/groups/asforstudents So, again, it would be great to have you in my group so I can help you out with homeschooling and all your tutorial and tutoring needs.

Alright, let's move on to the second thing to consider when choosing a homeschooling curriculum: self. The Homeschool Mom is talking about the parents when she says self. So, when you're choosing the curriculum, think about how much time you're going to be at home working with your kids one-on-one because depending on your kids' ages as well as your work schedule/life in general, it's going to make a difference as to curriculum. Can the kids really teach themselves and figure it out on their own, or do they need you there to hold their hands? That will make a huge difference. I will also tell you some of the curriculums are more open-ended whereas some of them are much more list focused or deadline focused. That's where I would go if I had kiddos. I would definitely be much more focused on the "this is exactly what we're doing/ we need to get this done by this day." That's what I need, but not everyone's that way. I hope you are enjoying the video. If you missed the first part, I'd definitely recommend restarting the video after we're done here in just a couple of minutes. If you are here watching, it would great to have you tap that like or heart button for me to let me know this message is relevant to you, and you're enjoying the video. So, one more thing here, and then we'll wrap it up. The last thing to consider is: situation. What the author means by this is there are a whole lot of different reasons to choose homeschooling. For some parents, the big thing is obviously COVID-19 right now. So that could be your situation. If you've got a kid that's high risk, you're worried about health issues, or maybe someone else in the home is, homeschooling might be the best choice right now. Or, maybe you've never gone to public school, so homeschooling is just your way of life - maybe that's how we were raised. There's also the fact your kid might be really, really smart and is bored at school, or it could be the opposite and your child is falling behind. There might be some bullying going on or special needs not being met. Many different things could happen to cause you to pull your student out of public school - permanently, temporarily, or whatever it might be. So, those are the three things to consider when choosing your homeschooling curriculum. Again, I will be posting the link to the blog post in my group (www.facebook.com/groups/asforstudents) I'd love to have you in my group, Students Aiming For A's. Join my group so you can get your hands on the blog post link as well as some free tutorials, homework help, homeschooling lessons, tutoring, and more so you and your children can ace your classes and reach your dreams, whatever they might be - dream school, job, etc.

Thank you so much for watching the video! I'll see you in the next video and would love to have you in my group.

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