#1 Reason to Put in More Effort - Why Effort Matters

Wondering how to show effort at school, especially in your school work such as projects? Even more importantly, are you wondering WHY it’s important to make an effort?

I’m happy to announce I dove into this topic on a recent live video. If you missed it, you can watch the replays on Facebook or YouTube. To catch my next video live, become a follower of Ace Cookie Tutoring on Facebook and a subscriber on my YouTube channel. Remember to turn on notifications!

Before I answer those questions (how to show effort and why), I want to tell you what sparked the idea for the video.

I love Simple Simon’s Pizza. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re missing out!

But, if you know of it and love it as much as I do, I’d love it if you’d click or tap the heart button down below.

Anyway, Simple Simon’s is not close to my home, but it’s my favorite, so I drove a decent amount for dinner the other day. Why? Because it’s the best pizza (yes!), and it was worth it to me.

So, I thought, “Hey. This idea of going the extra mile for pizza is pretty much the same as working harder or…. Wait for it……putting extra effort into a project at school!”

And, here we are ; D

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No matter if you want a certain place for dinner like I did or a certain grade in a class, it will require effort to make it happen. Unfortunately, no amount of wishful thinking was going to make Simple Simon’s magically appear on my doorstep. And, no amount of wishful thinking is going to get you an A or even a passing grade.

The more effort you put into something, the more successful you are likely to be. Looking at the rubric, studying, doing research, putting posters/videos/etc. together takes effort. And, I can guarantee you, the amount of effort put into an assignment, test, project, etc. is directly proportional to the grade you’ll earn.

Your teachers can tell how much work went into a project. If you go to the front of the class to present a poster that is still mostly white with only a couple of words and pictures when it was supposed to be almost entirely covered with information, I can guarantee your grade will reflect that amount of effort.

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The same goes for a video. If the rubric says six slides and two minutes of presenting, but you only have two slides and speak for 30 seconds, you’re not going to be happy with your grade.

So, what should your video look like to show you made the extra effort?

Well, if instead of six slides like is required, you have eight, and you add a lot of sound effects and embedded videos, and your slides obviously were personally tailored, I can guarantee you will blow your teacher’s socks off.

Is extra credit guaranteed? No, never, unfortunately. But it will be obvious to everyone in that class you put into additional work. Just like I made the choice to drive farther than I needed for the best pizza, you put in more work than was expected of you.

The results for both of us: delicious and satisfying.

A word of advice, though….Ahem: some teachers mark off for going over the allotted presentation time, especially in upper level classes in high school and college. So, in those two minutes of time, show the best presentation possible with all of the effort you’re willing to make, and your grade will reflect your amount of effort.

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