Tutor Selection

Below are the answers to your questions about our screening process, our tutors' qualifications, and what our tutors bring to each lesson.

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What screening process do you use for your tutors?

  • All Ace Cookie Tutoring tutors have passed extensive background checks and all are college educated, bachelor degree or higher.  

  • All of our tutors have experience working one-on-one and in small groups both face to face and virtually with students in an education setting.

What certifications / qualifications does the staff of Ace Cookie Tutoring possess?

  • Big Cookie and head tutor, Jessyka Coulter, has two Bachelors Degrees: one in Biology and another in Business Administration.

    • She is also a certified substitute teacher in the state of Kansas.

    • Jessyka has worked at a middle school and a high school both with special education and general education students.

    • Jessyka has more than four years of professional tutoring experience and many more years of tutoring experience while a student herself in college and high school.

    • She loves working with students in the 3rd grade and up through adults in grad school. 

  • Synthia, another tutor at ACT and president of Dove Copywriting, is a certified teacher in the state of Kansas with over 8 years of teaching experience at the middle and high school levels.

    • She specializes in proofreading and other English assignments/projects as well as copywriting.

    • Synthia has worked with both general education and special education students in public schools as well as alternative schools.

    • She most enjoys working with high school and older students.

  • Madison, an online only ACT contractor, has three college degrees and over ten years of tutoring experience teaching children as young as three-years-old through adults. 

    • She is dedicated to providing quality education assistance to children and adults alike.

  • Adam has a Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering and has worked at a well-known and respected technology company for over 8 years.

    • He tutors anyone who wants to learn how to code or build their own computers/PCs. 

What do you, the tutor, provide as part of the service?

  • The CEO loves to bake, and we know kids love cookies! So, at each in-person lesson, except during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will provide cookies at the end of the lesson. What better way to end homework than with a sweet treat?

  • Other than cookies, we will bring paper, writing utensils, and our laptops as necessary. 

  • We don’t normally create lesson plans/study materials outside of a student’s current school work, but we will when parents request it.

    • Check out our homeschooling lesson FAQs here!​

    • Creating lesson plans/resources would require a two hour lesson commitment if making individualized materials: one hour to create the lesson and an hour to work with the student.

    • Ask us about our association with Usborne Books & More!

What is your tutoring style?

  • The CEO and head tutor (Jessyka) is a visual and kinesthetic learner. Being told what to do doesn’t help her learn. So, she shows students how to do a problem, and then observes them as they work through the next one on their own, correcting mistakes as needed.

  • Other tutors at ACT are primarily visual learners, so writing things down during lessons helps them communicate with students.

  • We do our best to tie in students’ interests with the lessons.

    • EX: If a student loves cats, we use cat examples.

    • EX: If a student plays baseball, we relate baseball to whatever homework we’re completing.

  • Although no employees at ACT are primarily auditory learners, we are more than capable of tutoring auditory students after working with multiple auditory learning style students. 

  • We encourage students to discover their learning styles so we can adapt our lessons to fit each student's needs. .