Gardner, KS

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Our Prices

Ace Cookie Tutoring offers tutoring to students in Gardner, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, De Soto, and surrounding areas in many different classroom and professional writing subjects and at different price points.

Choose between hourly and bundled rates to get the help you need.

Below you'll find our hourly rates should you choose to make additional lesson decisions weekly.
We also also provide proofreading tutoring help by the hour and by the page.

$25 Consultation Fee

Our Tutoring Prices

No matter if you need an hour of help this week or two hours of tutoring each week for a semester, we're here to help!

Thank you for considering Ace Cookie Tutoring for your tutoring needs. Our prices are competitive, and you'll discover here at ACT, we take the time to get to know our students personally and tailor lessons specifically to students' interests and learning styles.

Once you've made the decision to schedule a lesson with Ace Cookie Tutoring, and we've set a time for the consultation, please pay the required $25 consultation fee online.

Please note: parents and students may choose to make weekly decisions about additional lessons. Or, a bundling option is available which means an agreed upon number of lessons is predetermined, the minimum being three one-hour (1-hour) lessons. The below prices are indicative of the unbundled rate. 

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Tutoring Per Hour

(all subjects)

$40 / Half-Hour (30 min) Lesson

$50 / One-Hour (60 min) Lesson

$80 / One-and-a-Half-Hours (90 min) Lesson

$100 / Two-Hour (120 min) Lesson

Each lesson will be a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours long.

Proofreading can be completed at an hourly or per page rate. Copy editing (grammar and spell checking) will be at the per page rate whereas line editing (transitions/word choice/organization/etc.) will be at the hourly rate.

Our Special of the Month

December is here! That means tons of gift giving, and Ace Cookie Tutoring wants to reward your generosity! 

All December long, buy 5 lessons and get a dozen cookies free! 

Share the lessons, but maybe keep the cookies....we won't tell!

We want you to end the first semester successfully and get the best possible

score on the upcoming ACT.

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Tutoring Per Page (Proofreading ONLY)

$25 / Typed double-spaced page containing a maximum of 300 words

* Ask about our price per page discount for documents FIVE PAGES or longer!

Proofreading can be completed at an hourly or per page rate. Copy editing (grammar and spell checking) will be at the per page rate whereas line editing (transitions/word choice/organization/etc.) will be at the hourly rate.


Our Bundle Pricing

Bundling is a great option for students who need multiple lessons due to the ACT, a big project, or a difficult class at any grade level, elementary through graduate.

Parents with multiple children may also choose to bundle as lessons can be shared throughout the household.

Below you'll find our bundled rates should you need a minimum of three one-hour (1-hour) lessons.

Save $15!

3 One-Hour Lessons For $135

To Bundle or Not to Bundle?

Ace Cookie Tutoring offers bundle pricing for students who need multiple lessons.

Choose a bundle if you have a big project that requires multiple days of work, several sections of the ACT are proving difficult, or help is needed for an extended amount of time. Bundling reduces the hourly rate and ensures a consistent tutoring schedule. 

The minimum number of lessons to qualify for a bundle is three (3) one-hour (1-hour) lessons, and the lowest price point is at five or more two hour (2-hour) lessons.    

Please see below for bundling details.


3 One-Hour Lessons

$135 total


$150 without bundling!


3 Two-Hour Lessons

$240 total


$300 without bundling!


5+ One-Hour Lessons

$175 total 


$250 without bundling!*

*Pricing based on five lessons.

OUR BEST VALUE! Only $30/hour

5+ Two-hour Lessons

$300 total


$500 without bundling!*

*Pricing based on five lessons.


Bundle Details

Have more questions about bundling? Please contact us on our "Request a Lesson" page.

Bundles will be paid for in two parts: half up front and half a maximum of a week after the first lesson. A second lesson will not be given until the full bundle price has been paid for.

Lessons will be given a minimum of 48 hours apart.

Once a number of lessons has been agreed upon, it cannot be changed.

All lessons must be given within 6 months of the first lesson.

Multiple students in the household may use the bundled lessons, but a separate consultation fee is required for EACH student.

Bundles cannot be extended or shortened.

Once the agreed upon number of lessons is completed, a new bundle can be created.

All lessons in a bundle will either be one hour in length OR two hours in length; lessons cannot be extended or shortened.

If paying for a bundle in cash, the first payment half must be provided at the consultation, and credit card information must be on file before meeting for the second lesson.