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Jessyka Coulter

Jessyka Coulter is the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. Her company specializes in study strategies, ACT prep, middle school math, and proofreading/essay writing. She was also the valedictorian of her high school class and personally used and implemented all 9 study skills she teaches while a high school and college student. These skills still play an important part in her day to day life. 

Jessyka has worked with students for several years helping them write A-level papers, earn high composite scores on the ACT, and pass classes when they hadn’t done so previously. Students write meaningful thesis statements which in turn lead to high quality papers with Jessyka’s help. Mediocre ACT scores have been increased with Jessyka’s guidance. And, students who had never before earned an A in classes learned the skills needed to pass quizzes/test and eventually graduate.

Jessyka has tutored students in-person and online independently and through various institutions. She is a 5-star rated tutor on Google and Facebook and has a 4.8/5 star rating on a popular online tutoring platform.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Business and currently holds a substitute teaching license in Kansas. Jessyka enjoys taking photos, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.


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*Disclaimer: Graduating is not guaranteed. It depends on your child's school's requirements, your child's abilities and effort including grades, and whether or not you choose to hire a tutor to provide personalized learning support. These 9 study and life skills are not a comprehensive list of everything students need to learn to successfully graduate. They are intended to make school easier and fill in gaps. These skills are not guaranteed to provide certain grades nor ensure graduation. Ace Cookie Tutoring cannot provide individualized help without additional services.  

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