Below are the answers to your questions about the consultation/tutoring locations and appointment coordination at Ace Cookie Tutoring. If you have a question that's not listed, please click here.

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How many students do you work with each session?

  • We prefer to work with students one-on-one because we can personalize the learning experience more and better adjust to a student's specific needs.

  • If two students are in the same class and both need help and/or are working on a project together, we’d gladly tutor the students together if that’s what would work best for the students. 

    • The price would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

What Lesson times are available?

  • Click here to book a consultation or lesson online.

  • Our business hours are: 10 am to 9 pm Sunday through Saturday. 

  • Students who choose bundles are given priority lesson times.

  • Not all contractors live in the CST time zone, but all lesson times are in CST.

Where do you meet with students?

  • There are three options: a student’s home, in a public place, or online.

  • In-person tutoring must occur somewhere within a 20 minute drive from Gardner.

  • Depending on the drive time, a student might need to meet an Ace Cookie Tutoring tutor somewhere between Gardner and his/her home.

Do you offer online lessons?

  • Yes - through WebEx.

  • The price for online lessons is the same as for in-person lessons.

  • Bundling is also an option for virtual lessons. 

What happens if I'm running late for the consultation/lesson?

  • Parents and/or students will be given 15 minutes from their scheduled start time to arrive at the agreed upon lesson location.

  • Anyone arriving 15 minutes past the scheduled start time will be considered a no-show, and there will be an additional fee charged to a student's account.

Is a parent/legal guardian required at all lessons?

  • A parent's presence is required at the consultation, but after that, it is the parents' decision.

  • Ace Cookie Tutoring will be not be held liable for any injuries that may occur while working with a student at home whether or not a parent or guardian is home.

  • If ACT is working at home with students aged 14 years and younger, we highly suggest a parent be home.

  • If a public space is the chosen place for tutoring, a parent's presence is less important except at the beginning and end of the lesson as needed.