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History Tutoring

What Skills We Teach:

Reading Comprehension

History Help Topics

Need to memorize and connect key dates, names, and locations easily? We can help!

It can be difficult to study for a history test or complete an assignment for your college government class. Yet, Ace Cookie Tutoring makes the process easier.

Reading Comprehension

What we teach: how to: identify key facts (names, locations, and dates), define vocabulary, find answers to questions, use a textbook successfully, and more

Retain Information

What we teach: memorization techniques and how to: create timelines, take notes, choose between important and unimportant information, and more

Make Connections

What we teach: determine cause and effect between events and how to: perform research, connect the present to the past, find patterns throughout history, and more

Critical Thinking

What we teach: how to persuade others about historical people/events, determine the causes/effects of major events, how to sequence events, and more


What we teach: how to turn dates, names, and events into a successful paragraph/essay/presentation, how to write objectively vs. persuasively, and more

Are you ready to ace your next history test? We'd love to have you join our batch of smart cookies!

Bite into learning!