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Below are the answers to your questions about our screening process. If you have a question that's not listed, please click here.

What screening process do you use for your tutors?

All Ace Cookie Tutoring tutors have passed extensive background checks and all are college educated, bachelor degree or higher. Plus, all employees have experience working one-on-one with students in an education setting.

What certifications/qualifications does the staff of Ace Cookie Tutoring possess?

Big Cookie and head tutor, Jessyka Coulter, has two Bachelors Degrees: one in Biology and another in Business Administration. She is also a certified substitute teacher. Jessyka has worked at a middle school and a high school both with special education and general education students. Jessyka has more than three years of professional tutoring experience and many more years of tutoring experience while a student herself in college and high school.

Synthia, another tutor at ACT and president of Dove Copywriting, is a certified teacher in the state of Kansas with over 8 years of teaching experience at the middle and high school levels. She specializes in proofreading and other English assignments/projects as well as copywriting.

Madison, an online only ACT contractor, has three college degrees and over ten years of tutoring experience teaching children as young as three-years-old through adults. Madison is dedicated to providing quality education assistance to children and adults alike.

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