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Case study #1

Capstone Project Required to Graduate

Many schools, especially universities, have adopted a program called the capstone project. The capstone is the final piece to show that a student has gained the knowledge and skills to be successful in a chosen field. At some schools, the capstone may be an actual physical project, but more often than not, it’s a long research paper.


Rob contacted Ace Cookie Tutoring in late October 2019. He was a graduate student at a military university, and the only remaining obstacle to receiving his Master’s degree that December was the capstone project.


His university required a 25 page persuasive paper including an introduction, abstract, limitations of study, discussion, literature review, references page, and other sections that were completely foreign to Rob. Rob’s field of study was green logistics. Knowledge, statistics, and research were elements Rob had. He had excelled in his classes, but writing a complex research paper in a specific format including proper grammar had Rob nervous. He asked his daughter’s teacher for help, and she referred him to Ace Cookie Tutoring.

Jessyka, the company’s founder, spoke with Rob on the initial consultation. Jessyka has written, edited, and tutored many students' writing papers. She felt that with help Rob could meet the looming deadline and graduate in December.

Rob shared the capstone requirements with Jessyka. Robbie had collected a great deal of research and data. He just didn’t know how to put it all together to create a paper that would meet his graduation requirements.

Rob and Jessyka created a schedule that included writing deadlines for Rob, review and editing by Jessyka, and meetings with both to guarantee progress. Rob knew he could contact Jessyka and expect a quick response. He had no reason to become frustrated in the writing process because he had a virtual writing professional at his side throughout the process.

Rob met each submission deadline from his professor. He turned in his abstract, his limitation of study, and his literature review until all was complete.

Before the drop dead date, Rob’s paper was edited, assembled, and ready to be scored.

Rob received his diploma in December knowing that with Ace Cookie Tutoring’s help he had written an A level graduate thesis and earned a 97% in his capstone class.

Ace Cookie Tutoring can help you too. Don’t let fear stop you from graduating.

Expert testimonial

I am an 8th grade math teacher. Jessyka Coulter was a building substitute and classroom helper in my math class. Jessyka worked well with the students and had a strong knowledge of the 8th grade math curriculum. Jessyka is currently tutoring one of my students (Jenni W.'s son) and grades along with work completion have improved since the process of tutoring began. I would recommend Jessyka for tutoring students in middle school math.

- T.K., Shawnee Mission School District

Math Teacher