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ACT Tutoring

What Skills We Teach:

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English: punctuation, verb tense, sequencing, and more

ACT Help Topics

We Tutor the Entire Test with Special Focus on the English and Reading Sections

No matter the section or sections you need help with on this ability to benefit test, we'll teach you how to narrow down the possible answer choices by eliminating wrong answer selections, what actions to take during each section, and more.

If you're looking for help in a particular section, here is what you'll learn:

Reading Section

What we teach: how to find and identify key words and concepts, determine main ideas in each passage, successfully read all of the passages in the allotted time no matter the subject material, and more

English Section

What we teach: the proper usage of commonly misused punctuation marks, verb tense, how to list ideas in order (sequencing), how to analyze and correctly answer critical thinking questions at the end of passages, and more

Math Section

What we teach: how to identify which questions to answer first vs. last, elementary through advanced algebra concepts, how to determine the important vs. unnecessary information, and more 

Science Section

What we teach: how to interpret various graphs and charts including their various elements, quickly locate key information within the passages, process information presented in various ways, and more

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